Engage Hub *Gold Fever* Hidden Achievement Unlocked (Over 250$usd worth of Rewards)

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Gold Fever
Gold Fever.png
"Gold Fever" is unlocked when 5 unique players are holding NGAMM (Engage Mega Miner)

NGAMM (Engage MegaMiner) Inventory Triples while receiving 1x NGAM (Engage Miner)


NGA Miner.png
This is the first of many more hidden achievements to be unlocked within the Engage Mining Network. We're constantly exploring different promotions to engage with our dedicated miners as well as grow the Engage Mining Network. Achievements have been introduced to reward the early adopters of Engage Gametech.
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We are committed to growing a community of gamers here on Steem, with the release of our NGA Exchange on the Engage Hub (Powered by Discord) just around the corner. You will be able to redeem your NGA (Engage Token) from your staked miners for Non-Fungible tokens from other games.

The NGA that is generated from redemption will be sent to @NGAPrizePool for use with tournaments within the Engage Hub. That means all NGAMM/NGAM holders will be able to perpetually receive in-game assets for staking.

Want to know more about the Engage Hub? Read it below :
Want to know more about the Engage Mining Network? Read in our introduction post below:

Elevate your game with Engage Hub today


Elevate your Social Game






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@engagegametech just noticed a name on your list similar to mine in recipients. Hope you got the right one :)

just a typo, did a copy and paste of the list names to ensure the proper transfer :) Clerical error!

Appreciate the bonus! Looking forward to see just how far this project can go.

Thank you, we hope our Splinterlands Guild launch will help gather some fellow @steem-engine and @steemmonsters players who are passionate about gaming together. Bounty competition will be launched by the end of the day today.