Gavin Lux, the Player of the Month of July.

in sportstalk •  3 months ago 

Los Angeles Dodgers' promising infielder Gavin Lux, 22, was named the Player of the Month in July.

According to the Dodgers' Nation on Wednesday (Korea time), Lux has grabbed the player of the month given to the player who showed the best performance in July in the Pacific Coast League. Lux, who plays for Oklahoma City, played in 22 games in July, setting a record of 0.435 batting average, 0.519 on-base percentage, 0.817 slugging percentage and 26 RBIs.

Lux, who joined the Dodgers in 2016 as the 20th overall rookie of the year, is considered one of the team's biggest prospects. Lux was ranked 10th overall, according to the MLB Pipeline Prospects ranking. It has a high potential for growth and the advantage of being able to see multiple positions. In this season's double-A, he played 64 games and batted .313 and 13 home runs.

Until last month, Lux was embroiled in a transfer rumor. The Dodgers attempted to trade Felipe Vazquez (28) of the Pittsburgh Pirates to reinforce the bullpen, the biggest weakness. However, it is heard that the Pittsburgh Pirates have failed to demand that Lux be included unconditionally as a condition for trade. In other words, the Dodgers also highly value Lux.

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