Splinterlands Championship Series (SCS) Week 1 is Underway

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SCS (Splinterlands Championship Series) is a part of the CESL (Crypto Esports League) with the objective to expand the Esport competitions in Steemmonsters. CESL is brought to you by Engage GameTech
To celebrate the Launch of Engage Guild in the Splinterlands. We are kicking off a tournament that will reward the players of the inaugural Crypto Esports Tournament. Prize support is compatible with your Steemmonsters account and accessed using the steem-engine platform as well as keychain wallet. (Future SCS Tournaments will require NGA to compete)
Total Prize Pool:
100,000x NGA (Engage Token)
10x NGAMM (Engage Mega Miner)
20x NGAM (Engage Miner)

Enter Below:

Prize Distribution
Within 24 hours of the tournament resolution directly to the steemmonsters account of the participants.
Please note all participants will receive entry prize (Everyone receives a prize) distribution will be dependant on the number of participants but the prize pool will remain the same

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NGA (Engage) is powered by the @steem-engine
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STEEM ENGINE is a platform that empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers, and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Steem blockchain like never before.


Keychain is the Official Wallet for Engage (NGA)


Who are @Aggroed and @Yabapmatt

They are the creative minds who have helped with the integration of NGA (Engage Token) in the Steem Ecosystem. Responsible for creating @Steemmonsters @Steem-engine and #keychain we look forward to working closely with both of them and their respective communities to ensure the success of @EngageGametech and our partners but ultimately reward the users of our communities to help monetize their time spent doing what they love, Playing games and/or Making content!

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Hey, your friend @cuzintray on Discord has asked if you could come and join the Engage Hub there.

Ah I entered the tournament earlier, but unfortunately not a lot of others joined in prior to the start. Looking forward to try joining a next one! :D Even if my best rank so far is gold.

After getting some feedback from a veteran of the game. We will be keeping the same prize pool for next weekend. I will update the tournament probably tomorrow in the post. With the entry fee being no cost to celebrate the series!

Sounds good! Thanks! If I have time then I'll definitely enter! :D

Please note our tournament overlapped with a Diamond League tournament so it will be post-poned by 2 hours, we apologize for the delay.In an effort to attract participants we will be inviting all participants of that tournament along with rewarding them each 250 NGA (Engage Tokens)
Congrats to the participants. Hope to see you at our Guilds Inaugural Tournament. The event vods will be available for users to watch as this is also the first Tournament Circuit in the Crypto Esports League