Engage (NGA) Bounty Program has started (#1 Mega Miners)

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This week we will be announcing our Engage (NGA) Bounty Program.

NGA Miner.png

To kick things off will be the Mega Miner bounty if you are a holder of NGAMM (Engage Mega Miner) you may qualify for the following bounties.
1000x NGA (Engage Token) for holding 1x NGAMM (Engage Mega Miner)
30 000x NGA (Engage Token) for holding 10x NGAMM (Engage Mega Miner)

Please fill out the form below to apply for your NGA bounty.


For more information on mining NGA (Engage) please refer to our steemit post below:


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Dear @engagegametech

Just a quick question: are you guys planning to launch your token via steem-engine? Just curious.

ps. I tried to open your website but it has been loading for very long and after 20 seconds (or more) since I opened your page, it was still loading ... that's not the best sign.


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Hey, is there a deadline for your bounty?

Just wondering how long I would have if I wanted to partake

  ·  last month (edited)

Having issues with the bounty link, I will try again later.

@engagegametech i have had .2 of a NGAMM miner and now .3 of a NGAMM for awhile now and no tokens have been produced to my knowledge. (all are staked)

Does it need some oil or just a minor service to get it working? :)