Dota Doggo

in gaming •  3 months ago 


Nerding out pretty hard tonight. This was while I was watching OG absolutely obliterate Newbee. I thought OG was going to win but never expected it to be so lopsided. On top of that I was also playing Star Wars on my phone and had a dog sound asleep in my arms. Overall a pretty good night.

Watching the EG vs Secret match right now and then I will probably crash for the night. Loving The International this year and I hope it stays as exciting as it's been so far. Teams are starting to get knocked out and each match means a little more moving forward. Big jumps in prizes for each prize tier so even the teams that don't have a real shot at winning can vastly change their pay cheques by making it just one round further in the tournament.

Should be getting close to game 2 of EG vs Secret so I'm going to get back to it and watch some more Dota!

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