How Magic Mushrooms Can Help Smokers Kick The Habit : For Smokers on NPR

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Smoking is one of the habits, which most of us remain unable to resist. At the time it seems like a necessary part of the life, our only true friend in bad and good times.

...and, this seems to be true for most of the additions. At least, we, all the addicts, thinks so.

Magic Mushroom is actually a pill/drug for the cure of addiction and depression, namely Psilocybin. Its main component is the ingredient of the mushrooms which causes hallucinogenic visions.  

New research shows that psilocybin might be an effective treatment for diseases such as depression and addiction.

According to Matthew W. Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, expert in addiction medicine & drug abuse, this medicine seems to be working for smokers and other addicts.

Let's see, will this be really an actual cure for quitting smoking, I sincerely wish it would.


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